Benefits of having a puppy companion

Living with puppies is mutually beneficial for you and your four legged companion because you make each other happy, but you might not know there are health benefits of living with puppies. Several studies prove what puppy lovers already know, they’re great for us!

Puppies Reduce Stress

Puppies can be highly beneficial during stressful times.  Numbers show that dog owners get sick less frequently and tend to recover more quickly than those without animal companions. Infants and children who grow up with puppies and kitties become more immune to pet allergies than those who haven’t had that exposure.

Your puppy doesn’t even have to be present for this “pet effect” to work. It’s simply enough to know he’s waiting at home. Petting and stroking any friendly dog  can lower blood pressure, so if you’re pet-less, you might try volunteer work at the shelter or get your fur fix at a neighbor’s home. Petting is especially effective, though, when it’s your own furry friend.

According to a Japanese study, pet owners made 30% fewer visits to doctors than those who were living without a pet.  Another survey by British researcher Dr. James Serpell showed it that only one month after getting a dog or a cat, senior citizens had 50 percent fewer minor medical problems such as painful joints, hay fever, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, indigestion, colds and flu, general tiredness, palpitations or breathlessness, back pain, and headaches.

Studies have also shown that people who have experienced having heart attacks, and own pets re-cooperated more quickly and survived longer than heart attack survivors without pets. Those of us who live with a beloved puppy or other pet experience only half as much blood pressure increase when stressed, as those without a pet.
Another benefit of owning a puppy is that they force us to exercise more and stay fit. Puppy’s are a ball of energy, and in order to keep them happy and healthy they require a certain level of physical activity. This will surely get the average couch potato moving. Keeping up with the new puppy can be a challenging. Doing activities like playing fetch or going for routine walks outside will be beneficial for you and your cute companion.
Pets keep us connected socially, too. Walking the dog or talking about your puppy at the pet food aisle at the grocery encourages contact that keeps us interested in life and other people. If you are single, engaging in activities like the

Puppies can also relieve pain and anxiety.  Positron emission tomography (PET scan) is an imaging test that helps physicians to detect biochemical changes used to diagnose and monitor various health conditions. These tests show that touching a pet shuts down the pain-processing centers of the brain. Petting your puppy relieves your own pain and also buffers anxiety, all without the side effects of Valium. In other words, a puppy on your lap can ease your pain. This is the number one reason why service dogs exist. Army vets that have experienced war shock typically opt to own a dog, the same goes for people who are recovering from severe illness or depression.

We often refer to “the bond” when talking about the love we feel for our pets. Science can actually measure this pet effect because thought and attitudes are influenced by changes in brain chemicals. These chemicals prompt feelings of elation, safety, tranquility, happiness, satisfaction, even love. Blood tests that measure these chemicals reveal that the levels increase for people as well as  for the pets!—when bonding takes place. In other words, when you bond with the puppy, those feel-good chemicals and bonding happen for both you and the puppy so your puppy does feel love.

Of course, if your puppy is a juvenile delinquent pooch that needs more training, he may raise your blood pressure by chewing illegal targets or having potty accidents in the house. But all the aggravation is worth it. Never discount how this pet effect impacts you and your puppy. Consider getting a puppy to be a furry prescription, and you’ll both qualify for the health benefits.

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